First Lady Melania Trump Was Brutally Mocked Last Night – American’s Disgusted

Late night show hosts have taken their ‘jokes’ too far against the Trump family.  They are always looking for the next jab they can take at our President. Jimmy Kimmel thought he could take his show to the next level by taking major hits on First Lady Melania Trump.

As Kimmel began his Trump segment, he decided to respond to rumors of Melania having a body double, and he decided to interview his own ‘body double’ of the “real Melania.”

After several minutes of focusing on “theories” which the host said were plaguing the White House, Fallon went on to speak with “Melania” from Washington.  He began to ask her questions to determine if she was the Real Melania. This sketch was nothing more than a disgusting attack at our First Lady who deserves so much more respect.

Watch the skit below:

The jokes continue to spiral out of control.  They have no concern over the constant bullying.

What do you think about this?