MLB Player Kneeled During National Anthem And Finds Out How Damaging It Was

As we have seen NFL players protest during the National Anthem to protest President Trump and what our flag stands for, it is now slowly spreading into other sports.  The MLB has now experienced one of their own players taking a knee during the National Anthem before playing in the American sport of baseball.

Freedom Daily reported that Oakland A’s rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell kneeled during the National Anthem this season. No other baseball player did so this season in the MLB because the others realize what the flag stands for.

Maxwell learned quickly that when you disrespect our nation, our nation loses respect for you.  A  Trump-supporting Alabama waiter recognized him and knew immediately that he was the one who took a knee. In the clip below you can see how Maxwell recalls his first day  back in his hometown of Harvest after the season, when a waiter refused to serve him and said, ‘You’re the guy who took the knee? I voted for Trump and I stand for everything he stands for.’”

Maxwell, in true Liberal form, had a fit over it all. Expecting everyone to swoon over him because he is a wealthy athlete, yet he got what he deserved. The waiter refused to serve him and complaints were made to the restaurant manager who then sent over another server.

Maxwell has said that one of the best parts of kneeling during the anthem is his friendship with Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who started these protests.

“His friendship definitely helps. His guidance comes through that. And just being able to use him as a sounding board some days does me some good,” Maxwell explained.

“Maxwell also says some very big names from both the NFL and MLB have reached out to lend their support … guys like Dusty Baker, Coco Crisp, Torii Hunter, Adam Jones and more,” TMZ reported.  “He hopes to unite everyone to help spread Colin’s message. We know where they WON’T be having the next lunch meeting.”

Liberal, millionaire athletes think they can get away with anything.  Well, that is not the case.  True patriots will not stand for this and will not respect you again.

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