Protester Gets Out of Control, Screams, Throws Objects at President Trump

Ever since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections as a shock to most people despite the lack of his political experience but strong leadership skills, the leftist mainstream media, along with his failed presidential opponent and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have been digging for excuses to use against Trump and explain to the people why the Democrats suffered a humiliating loss.

The Left’s most popular (and ridiculous) accusation is based around Russian involvement within the 2016 presidential election, and these Hillary Clinton loving idiots are have convinced each other that President Donald Trump “collaborated with Russians and their hackers in order to twist the election and help himself win” – What a Joke!

There has been ZERO proof of ANY Russian interference involving Donald J. Trump, but these hard core leftist just can’t let go of Hillary Clinton’s HUGE LOSS.

Liberals have spent the better part of 2017 attacking the POTUS both at rallies as well as Social Media websites. The most recent incident happened at the Senate GOP luncheon and it was shocking!

Watch the video below showing the president as he arrives at the GOP luncheon, only to be thrown Russian flags at by a screaming protester as he was passing by. The video surfaced on Twitter and has immediately went viral.

Immediately following the incident, security rushed in on the protester as he screamed, “Trump is treason!” 

No official statement has been released by the White House regarding this incident but We The People want this man arrested. 

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What do you think about this?